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Hello there!

I’m Deedee, founder of The House of chickaDee Design studio. Very pleased to meet you!

I am an independent fashion design specialist, product developer and brand consultant. With over 15 years international experience within the fashion industry, working on every aspect within design and development I can honestly say, I know my stuff.

How did I get here?

After receiving my 2:1 BA Hons in Fashion Design and Marketing, I spent many enjoyable years working for various amazing companies such as the Napali Group (Quiksilver Europe, Roxy, DC shoes), Sarah Louise ltd, John Partridge…as a senior designer and design manager, running design departments and managing teams of 15 people upwards.

In 2016 I thought the time was right to go it alone and use these years of experience to benefit others in their quest to build a brand or who needed an expert independent designer/consultant/product developer on a more periodical basis. And so I founded The House of chickaDee design Studio.

Since starting my independent journey I have worked with many brands from the U.K, France and the States amongst others. I love the spontaneity and challenges working with brands from all over the globe brings.

Want to work with me?

I have a vast knowledge base from the initial creative design process to tech packs, patterns, working with a manufacturer and understanding the whole process, right through to production. T.H.O.C  Design Studio offers a number of services which can be discussed so as to best suit your needs.My ‘services’ section on the website, will give you a complete list of my areas of expertise.

My goal is to make this a fun and enjoyable process for you whilst getting your ideas production ready. I have a friendly yet thorough approach and love getting to know  my clients and their way of working.

Contact me via the contact form here on my website www.thehouseofchickadee.com or by mail at deedee@thehouseofchickadee.com